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    kinda sad im not florence welch’s bestfriend

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    I made this, wtf is wrong with me?  

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    Cheeky lil smile

    his quiff seems to be extra voluminous here

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    The Smiths - Strangeways, Here We Come 

    Photoset by me (x). Please keep credit.

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  7. Anonymous said: You can't be a true Morrissey fan, if you reblog things such as Noel Gallagher saying "What the fuck is Morrissey on about, you can't not like sausages" "does he seriously not like meat" etc etc because if you seriously liked Morrissey you would respect him and his opinions.

    Omfg guys! I’m not a true Morrissey fan for re-blogging something that wasn’t associated with my beliefs about Morrissey, for re-blogging something humorous! I don’t respect him anymore, what has happened to me?!?

    I have supported Morrissey through thick and thin, I worried about him when he was seriously ill in hospital, I own every single album of his from Smiths to solo career, my walls are plastered with his face and I own more-or-less every book that’s been written about him (and the autobiography) SO for YOU to say that I’M NOT A TRUE MORRISSEY FAN IS BULL-FUCKING-SHIT my friend and you can stick that opinion where the sun don’t shine.

    Just because I re-blogged that,it doesn’t mean I don’t respect Morrissey’s opinions/choices, I love him more than anything, (even though he may say silly things SOMETIMES) I still love him to bits! It’s my blog so I shall post whatever I want to post, if you don’t like that then I suggest you press the unfollow button.
    Good day to you sir/madam 


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    The Smiths (On Tour) Shopping List

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    Original handwritten lyrics by Morrissey, to “I Keep Mine Hidden” The Smiths

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    Why Tumblr should Fall In Love with Frida Kahlo. 


    she is a legend


    She was hella injuried in a trolley accident and spent her entire recovery period propped up in her bed painting non-stop.

    Most of her paintings were self portraits where she painted every hair and every ‘flaw’ and highlighted them as a beautiful part of herself

    She was ballin oh my gosh

    She was also a leader of the Mexican communist party and one of the first Latin American women to have her art displayed in the Louvre

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  14. Anonymous said: stretch marks are caused by weight gain and if you have a lot that means you've gained weight so yeah if you have stretch marks your overweight. theyre gross


    okay, listen here, pisswad.

    first of all, i am pretty goddamn skinny and i’ve still got stretchmarks on my thighs. while stretchmarks can be because of weight gain, they can also be because of a multitude of other things. in my case, i go through a growth spurt every couple months. and anyway, if ur stretchmarks are because u’ve gained weight, no one gives five and a half shits. weight gain is normal and okay~

    and second of all, who. fucking. cares. do u really see a girl with stretchmarks and instantly brand her as “fat” or “gross”? and even if she is considered fat or overweight, why does that even matter? chubby girls are cute. fat girls are cute. skinny girls are cute. all girls are cute and all girls (and boys and other individuals who identify as something else) deserve to feel cute and love their bodies. and they cant do that with ur judgmental ass walking around.

    third of all, i’ve seen a lot of people calling stretchmarks “tiger stripes” or “sick ass lightening tattoos” and i agree. are u calling my sick ass lightening tattoos gross?

    didnt think so

    love (but not really),

    ps: again, everyone is cute. except u. ur not cute, u body-shaming ball of bat shit.

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