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    Morrissey, 1985

    Photo credit: Lawrence Watson

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  2. The Smiths, Moles Club, Bath 16th September 1983.

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    Moz, being lovely like ever

    the motion of this gif always makes me think he’s on roller skates for some strange reason

    …and now I’m picturing moz dressed in bellbottoms and roller skates doing a dance routine. 

    you’re welcome

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    you know when people say that they will always reblog something when its on their dash?

    yeah i will never not reblog this i’ve decided

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    So pleased to finally have a clearer version of this picture now.

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    Following “Meat Is Murder”, as the violence was increasing, Morrissey said “I hope that the security don’t ruin your night too much, but I’m sure that they’ll do their best… never mind, they’re outnumbered…” He teased the struggling security by changing a line in “The Queen Is Dead” to “Life is very long, when you’re a bouncer”. When he returned to the stage for the first encore following the band-only instrumental “Money Changes Everything”, seeing how the security manhandled some fans, Morrissey exclaimed “Oh, God!” while Johnny added “Neanderthals, fucking idiots, these guys!”. Then one third into following song “I Know It’s Over”, Morrissey stopped singing to shout to a bouncer: "Jesus Christ! Don’t be so stupid! Leave him alone, you stupid idiot! Leave him!" He then resumed the song as if nothing had happened. A completely stunning moment. - PJLM

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  10. When I win an award for something

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    Morrissey at The Palladium in London on May 14, 2006.
    UPI Photo/Rune Hellestad.

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    When you’re drunk and hear a Smiths song

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